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Why The Gutter Cleaning Industry Is Ripe for Disruption

Posted Mar 31st, 2016

How the Outback GutterVac gutter cleaning franchise is setting the standards for the American gutter cleaning industry

While gutters may not be glamorous, neither is the state of a home or property with gutters that haven’t been regularly cleaned. Just as plaque left on the teeth can lead to a host of preventable dental problems, dirty gutters stuffed with rotting leaves and debris can lead to a homeowner being saddled with expensive and potentially life-threatening issues such as roof damage, structural damage, mold and pest infestations.

Dirty gutters have plagued homeowners since gutters were invented. However, as more and more American home and property owners recognize the vital link between clean gutters and a healthy home environment, they are encountering gutter guard brands and small-time contractors who are incapable of delivering the level of service the American consumer expects.


This was much the case in Australia 20 years ago, when Warren Ballantyne invented the first-ever vacuum technology that could effectively remove not only the fallen leaves, but also debris, sludge and treacherous pests.

“It was a remarkably different time,” says Gillian Harper, Chief Operating Officer with Outback GutterVac. She also is Warren’s daughter. “Gutter cleaning was seen as something you would task to your 14-year-old son if he didn’t do his homework. It was incredibly dangerous work, but in a town like Bundaberg, where we didn’t have any industry or services that were capable of cleaning gutters, we didn’t know that we were waiting for a solution.”

In today’s America, home and property owners are still waiting for that solution. With Outback GutterVac’s ThunderVac™ Technology Process, the only tool proven to effectively clean gutters, as well as the premier cleaning franchise’s proven business model that puts customer satisfaction above everything else, Outback GutterVac is the solution that America has been waiting for.

How Outback GutterVac gets gutter cleaning right

Outback GutterVac is determined to raise the standards for an industry that currently is lacking in standards not only for safety, but also for reliability, dependability and trust. When consumers call Outback GutterVac, they can feel confident that their gutters will not only be clean, but that the men and women who are cleaning their gutters will be there on time, do what they’ve said they will do and will be safe while they are doing it. Outback GutterVac has taken it upon itself to not only put safety standards in place, but to raise the bar for what consumers can expect from a gutter cleaning professional.

“Outback GutterVac is the only gutter cleaning franchise that can offer the level of professionalism the American consumer expects,” says Scott O’Hara, Director of Outback GutterVac. “The ThunderVac™ Technology Process proves the efficacy of what we do, by cleaning not only what is visible to the eye, but also the debris and the bacteria that is unknowingly growing in your gutters. But we don’t rely solely on the technology. Our people are experts. We clean the downspouts and can alert our customers to roof damage. We are our customers’ eyes in the sky. We provide before-and-after photos, not only to prove our work, but also to live up to our polite and professional appearance and demeanor, as well as our code of ethics.”

Because Outback GutterVac is a proven franchise system with nearly 20 years of success in Australia, we have set the bar — not only for gutter cleaning, but also for safety.


“When I think about people hiring contractors without knowing if they are insured or properly trained, it makes me very uneasy,” Scott continues. “We have worked with OSHA to customize a rigorous training course in ladder and roof safety, which every one of our franchise owners and their technicians completes. All of our franchisees and their technicians are bonded and insured. We are establishing safety standards in this industry, while at the same time raising the bar for professionalism and customer service. Our explosive success in America is proof that we’re off to a tremendous start.”

Bring Outback GutterVac to your community today

Outback GutterVac is poised to become the dominant national brand for gutter cleaning and is ramping up for rapid expansion across the United States. With a low initial investment and a business model that has nearly two decades of success, Outback GutterVac is actively seeking entrepreneurs who have a passion for keeping home and property owners healthy in their environments, and who have the desire to improve their lives.

“Our goal for 2016 is to ramp up to 30 to 50 territories,” Scott says. “We plan eventually to expand into 500 to 1,000 territories. Knowing the potential of the market here, as well as knowing the potential of our brand, these goals are entirely attainable. Our success in New York, Virginia and Georgia is strengthening our resolve to become the premier gutter cleaning franchise nationwide. That is exactly what we are going to do.”

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