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A strong business for all seasons

Posted Apr 17th, 2017

With a variety of services to offer, Outback GutterVac is a home service franchise that can keep you busy with clients year-round

With a name like Outback GutterVac, it’s natural to wonder what franchisees do when the leaves are gone or just starting to reappear. Although there’s clearly a strong market for a gutter cleaning franchise, we’ve also applied our professionalism and expertise to a number of other outdoor maintenance services, helping to keep your home service franchise busy no matter what month it is.

Two franchisees stand in front of an Outback GutterVac trailer, with the words “Gutter Cleaning” and “Power Washing” painted on the side.
Outback GutterVac offers more than just gutter cleaning; we’re an outdoor home service franchise that can help you earn revenue year round.

Variety of services means multiple revenue streams

It’s not just gutter cleaning that you can offer with our home service franchise. By opening an Outback GutterVac franchise, you have multiple revenue streams to tap into:

  • Gutter vacuum cleaning
  • Power washing (also known as pressure washing)
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Minor gutter repair
  • Installation and maintenance of gutter protection systems

That variety means you have something to offer clients at nearly any time of year. A homeowner might not need gutter cleaning at the beginning of spring, when the leaves are just returning to the trees, but they will need power washing on their house’s siding to make it look nice for the spring and summer. That helps keep you and your team busy with clients.

Steady business from larger clients

Homeowners have different needs and schedules, but with Outback GutterVac franchisees also work with larger properties, like local governments and schools, apartment buildings and office parks. Most of those clients have regular maintenance and upkeep schedules, meaning steadier, more predictable income when you earn their business.

The larger size of these buildings and properties means you can typically earn more revenue per job and keep your schedule full. Our technology and support enable a greater level of efficiency. That makes you a more attractive option over smaller operations for clients with big jobs. And because you can offer a number of useful outdoor services, they’ll be more likely to stick with a single vendor for their maintenance and upkeep needs.

A franchisee in an outback-style hat uses a ThunderVac™ against a backdrop of leafy trees.
Larger clients help provide steadier, more predictable income with a need for regular upkeep.

We help you find clients

That repeat business helps a lot once you’ve landed the clients, but how do you get them in the first place? Thanks to our corporate call center, we can help you with that, too, assisting with marketing and lead-generating so that you can put more of your effort where it belongs: providing first-class service to your clients.

“We have more business than we can deal with at the moment,” says Ryan Fox, co-owner of an Outback GutterVac franchise in Atlanta. “The corporate call center not only provides us with all of the tools to help us in the day-to-day management of our business, but they also help us win business. They work very hard to form relationships with corporate offices and apartment complexes, which are big-ticket customers. We canvas neighborhoods and try to educate folks in our territory about the quality of the work we do. People appreciate the fact that we’re branded, organized and the best at what we do — it is very easy for us to win business.”

Learn more about bringing Outback GutterVac to your community

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