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Our gutter cleaning franchise is revolutionizing outdoor maintenance with better technology and service

Outback GutterVac is a gutter cleaning franchise dedicated to bringing a new level of professionalism and efficiency to the industry. We’ve found strong growth and success in the Australian market, and now we’re poised to rapidly expand in the U.S. Our proprietary ThunderVac™ technology helps our franchise owners provide better service to clients that earns them regular repeat business and referrals. If you want to own and grow your own business, Outback GutterVac could be the right franchise opportunity for you.

An Outback GutterVac technician uses a ThunderVac™ to clean the gutters on a client’s home.
After our success in the Australian market, we’re looking for qualified franchisees in the U.S. to help us raise the bar in the industry.

A strong need in the market

There’s a need in the market not just for the services of our gutter cleaning franchise, but also for the methods. Whether they’re individual homeowners or own large properties like apartment complexes and office parks, clients desire a level of service that they have a tough time finding with other providers.

With an Outback GutterVac franchise, we assist you with the tools, training and technology that enable you and your technicians to fill that niche, holding yourselves to standards well above the competition and earning referrals and repeat business from satisfied clients.

Multiple revenue streams

Another contributor to our franchise’s success is the fact that our franchise owners offer a number of services in addition to gutter cleaning. That means multiple revenue streams for franchise owners, including:

  • Gutter vacuum cleaning
  • Power washing (also known as pressure washing)
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Minor gutter repair
  • Installation and maintenance of gutter protection systems

By offering a more diverse array of services, our franchisees can earn more business from clients who want to stick to one trusted provider for their property’s various, ongoing maintenance needs.

Close-up shot of a vacuum cleaning leaves and debris from a gutter on a black-shingled roof.
With multiple services and cleaning technology far beyond the competition, our gutter cleaning franchises attract both commercial property owners and individual homeowners.

Who your clients are

With each type of client, our consistent, high-quality service gives franchisees a competitive advantage. Large property owners appreciate our efficient, standardized and thorough service, and their regular upkeep schedules lead to bigger-ticket, ongoing business.

Individual homeowners can sometimes be intimidated by contractors, but we earn their trust with a professional appearance and attitude, and our franchisees’ extensive training helps them be an “eye in the sky,” pointing out potential issues in and around their houses before they become major problems. That leads to great client satisfaction and word-of-mouth marketing and referrals.

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