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How do We Define Territories?

Looking for a gutter business for sale? Consider opening a franchise with us; we have territories available across the U.S.

Two Outback GutterVac technicians stand smiling back-to-back in front of their branded pickup truck and a leafy forest.
With an Outback GutterVac franchise, you can open a gutter business that meets a new standard for quality.

If you’re interested in finding a gutter business for sale, you should consider opening a franchise with Outback GutterVac. We offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs; you can help us bring a revolution to the industry in the U.S., secure in the knowledge that our business has already proven itself in our home of Australia. Now is the right time for our brand’s rapid growth.

We wanted to do things right when entering a new market, so we’ve spent a couple of years testing out the model in Long Island, NY, and Atlanta, GA, refining our processes and developing a system that’s ripe for rapid expansion. We’ve proven the need for our services in the market, and we’ve developed the support and systems necessary for our franchise partners to build their own businesses.

“We wanted to revolutionize the American gutter cleaning industry by building its first brand name,” says Chief Development Officer Gillian Harper. “I noticed that the American gutter industry was more or less in the same boat that Australia was in before we came along, mainly composed of small-time contractors. I felt that by raising the standards of the American gutter industry by hiring professional technicians — who were reliable and dependable and who used proven cleaning methods — that we would be met with success.”

Territories that maximize your opportunity

We have tightly developed criteria for a franchise territory, with at least 50,000 households and 5,000 businesses in a specific area. This provides enough population density for a large client base, while helping our franchise partners and their teams maximize profitability by minimizing travel time between jobs.

A power-washing hose cleans metal grating in an industrial building.
Our territories are carefully designed to maximize commercial and residential opportunities for gutter cleaning, power washing and all of the other services you can offer your clients.

Where we’re growing

As we develop the brand in the U.S., we’re currently focused on creating a strong market presence with franchises in the Southeast. Outback GutterVac is poised to become the dominant brand for gutter and pressure cleaning in the United States. With a low initial investment and a business model that has proven itself over more than two decades of success, Outback GutterVac is actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs to join us as we ramp up for rapid expansion.

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