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More jobs and more revenue potential through better technology

Posted Jun 7th, 2017

Our powerful ThunderVac system and well-designed territories help you take more jobs and increase your gutter cleaning revenue potential

Speed matters, for our clients and our franchise partners. Getting jobs done more quickly not only helps you attract more clients, it gives you the capacity to fit more clients onto the schedule and increase your potential for gutter cleaning revenue.

An Outback GutterVac technician uses the ThunderVac to clear leaves from a gutter.
The ThunderVac gives you a competitive advantage and helps you increase your gutter cleaning revenue by enabling you to schedule more jobs.

Outback GutterVac franchise partners gain a competitive advantage in the leaf removal business thanks to our proprietary ThunderVac. It’s a powerful vacuum system that removes leaves, sludge and other debris more effectively than other methods. The vacuum also sucks all the debris into large drums that make cleanup after a job as simple and quick as possible. The thorough cleaning from the ThunderVac increases client satisfaction, helping you receive more referrals and repeat business.

Faster service, well-designed territories mean more jobs

It’s not just the clients who appreciate a thorough job done quickly. It also benefits our franchise partners and their teams. Efficient, speedy service helps you and your team fit more into your day. Since so much of our franchise partners’ business comes from big-ticket commercial properties, such as apartment buildings or office parks, that can make a big difference in your potential income each day.

Two Outback GutterVac technicians stand in front of a branded truck.
We’ve designed our territories for population density so that our franchise partners spend less time on the road traveling to jobs.

We also take speed into account when designing franchise territories, aiming for an amount of population density that gives you plenty of corporate clients and homeowners to work with, without having to travel too far for each job. That’s another way we help you increase your gutter cleaning revenue – travel time can make the difference when it comes to fitting one more job onto your schedule for the day.

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