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The Outback GutterVac Story

Why our revolutionary gutter cleaning franchise opportunity is poised to dominate the U.S. market

In 1995, Warren Ballantyne owned a plumbing company in the Australian city of Bundaberg. Often, he’d also be asked to clean a homeowner’s gutters. Working by hand made it an unpleasant, time-consuming task, but Ballantyne knew he could find a way to make it easier and more efficient. He and some local engineers teamed up to develop the first iteration of our “ThunderVac™” technology, which was powerful enough to remove not only leaves, but also sludge and other debris that clog up gutters and keep them from doing their jobs. This revolutionized the process, turning an add-on service into the core of a new gutter cleaning franchise opportunity that would grow rapidly throughout the Australian market.

A sun-faded photograph of two GutterVac technicians standing next to a trailer with an industrial vacuum.
An early version of the ThunderVac™, the technology that’s at the core of our value to clients.

“It was immediately successful,” says Gillian Harper, Chief Development Officer with Outback GutterVac and Ballantyne’s daughter. “My dad basically created the Australian gutter industry. In five years’ time, there was enough interest for us to begin franchising the concept, and it became one of Australia’s fastest-growing franchise systems.”

Now we’re expanding our presence in the U.S. and looking for qualified candidates who want to get in on the ground floor with a gutter cleaning franchise opportunity that has already proven its worth.

A technician poses in front of a client’s home with a trailer housing another early version of the ThunderVac. The trailer has an older “Gutter-Vac” logo and the tagline “Clean. Safe...Easy.”
Qualified candidates have a unique chance to claim territory in the U.S. with a gutter cleaning franchise opportunity that’s already proven its success in the Australian market.

Expanding opportunities in a proven model

“We wanted to revolutionize the American gutter cleaning industry by building its first brand name,” says Harper. “When I arrived, I noticed that the American gutter industry was mainly composed of small-time contractors and gutter guard brands who had a reputation that wasn’t at all positive. I felt that by raising standards and hiring reliable professional technicians — equipped with more efficient, effective tools — we would be met with success.”

The move to the U.S. also brought us to the attention of Noble Brands. Noble licensed the rights to Outback GutterVac in the U.S. and combined our proven technology and processes with ShelfGenie’s powerful proprietary CRM system, call center and franchising expertise. This means that our franchise partners have the tools to provide fantastic client service while also receiving strong support and training from our home office.

Two Outback GutterVac technicians stand in front of a ThunderVac trailer reflecting our current branding, with a ladder resting on top.
With high-quality service to offer clients and excellent back-end support for our franchise partners, now is a great time to look into the gutter cleaning franchise opportunity.

“No one has anything similar to the Outback GutterVac franchise system. We are going to become America’s home and property owners’ trusted adviser for their gutters,” says Allan Young, CEO of Noble Brands. “We’re building on more than 20 years of systems and processes. As a franchisor, our only goal is to find ways to bring meaningful value to our franchise partners in their businesses. We have simplified the business model, made significant investments to offer state-of-the-art technology and developed a method to offer exceptional client service. This is only the beginning for Outback GutterVac, and we are only going to get stronger as a brand as we move forward.”

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