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What Services Do We Provide?

With multiple revenue streams, you have plenty to offer your commercial and residential clients with our outdoor handyman franchise

A graphic listing “Our Top 5 Services: 1. Gutter vacuum cleaning. 2. Power washing. 3. Catch basin cleaning. 4. Minor gutter repair. 5. Installation of gutter protection systems.”

The gutters are a great place to be for an Outback GutterVac owner, but we know the importance of diversifying a business. That’s why we have a number of other services you can offer your client, so you don’t just own a gutter cleaning franchise; you own an outdoor cleaning and handyman franchise.

As a franchise partner, you’ll work on commercial and residential properties of all sizes, whether you’re doing a one-time gutter cleaning on a home or contracting with an office park for regular maintenance and upkeep. The services you can offer give you multiple income streams to draw from:

  • Gutter Vacuum Cleaning
  • Power Washing (also known as Pressure Washing)
  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Minor Gutter Repair
  • Installation and maintenance of Gutter Protection Systems

Recurring revenue

That variety is key to keeping the business strong and steady for our franchise partners year-round, especially with commercial property owners. When you impress a client with your professionalism and high-quality service, they’ll want to bring you back for more services on more of their properties.

A technician installs a gutter protection system on the roof of a residential home.
Gutter cleaning is a great opportunity on its own, but you can offer even more by opening an outdoor handyman franchise with us.

“One of the main benefits of franchising with us is the fact that our business model is augmented by multiple, recurring revenue streams,” says Allan Young, CEO of Outback GutterVac. “The reason we’re so focused on providing an exceptional level of client service is not only to win new business, but to keep the business that we have.”

Each Outback GutterVac franchise is focused on providing professional, dependable service above and beyond what clients expect from the industry. We are uniquely equipped to partner with property owners, management companies and large government and education organizations. They want to protect their investments and keep the people that are living or working in their properties safe and healthy, and that’s what you can offer them.

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