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Why Gutters?

Our gutter cleaning business supports a big market for property owners who want to keep their buildings and investments in great shape

With an Outback GutterVac franchise, you’re not just helping a property owner tidy up; you’re helping them keep their investments and homes in great shape, preventing the structural damage and other problems that can occur when gutter maintenance is neglected. There’s a need for a higher standard of service in the gutter cleaning business, and that’s why we’re looking for new partners in our low-investment franchise.

Two Outback GutterVac-branded pickup trucks are parked with their equipment trailers in front of a leaf-covered office park.
Commercial property owners provide the bulk of our franchise partners’ gutter cleaning business; our effective, efficient service works wonders on large properties.

Raising standards in the market

The gutter cleaning business has traditionally been an afterthought, a service other providers offer but don’t put much thought or effort into. At Outback GutterVac, we have a number of services, but safer and faster gutter cleaning is what we’ve built our brand and business on. With better tools and technology to get the job done, our services attract more clients, making it easy for our franchise partners to scale up and expand.

Commercial property owners

Commercial property owners provide the bulk of our franchise partners’ business. Thanks to the size of these properties, including apartment complexes and office parks, the jobs are larger, requiring a more efficient and effective service. That means each job potentially brings a higher ticket price for franchise partners. Regular maintenance schedules mean that a job well done comes with the opportunity for repeat, recurring revenue.

Our higher standards bring an advantage, too. Our OSHA- and ANSI-certified training helps keep you safe on rooftops and ladders, so both you and your clients can have peace of mind. All of our franchise partners are also fully insured, which isn’t necessarily the case with independent and small-scale contractors. That removes a potential source of liability for clients while also reinforcing our high degree of professionalism.

An infographic that states “3 reasons gutters need regular cleaning. 1. Working gutters protect against roof and structural damage. 2. Working gutters prevent dampness, mold and water damage. 3. Working gutters prevent pest infestation.”

Residential homeowners

Commercial owners aren’t the only source of business; residential homeowners offer a significant revenue stream, as well. They’re increasingly aware of the importance of gutter maintenance in preventing structural damage, mold and pest infestations. Our high standards are as important to homeowners as they are to commercial property owners.

While there are many professional, high-quality contractors out there, inconsistent standards mean that it can be challenging for homeowners to find someone they can trust. Our brand standards mean that clients know from the start that our franchise partners are dependable, qualified professionals. They trust our brand, and they’re eager to spread the word when friends and family need a recommendation.

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