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A variety of clients leads to steadier business

Posted Apr 6th, 2017

With a strong mix of corporate and residential clients, your outdoor service franchise can earn regular, repeat business

It’s not just homeowners who need the services Outback GutterVac provides. In fact, many of our outdoor service franchise owners get a majority of their business from corporate clients or local apartment complexes. Their need for ongoing maintenance at predictable intervals means that the franchisees can earn steady, repeat business while still providing services to homeowner clients, as well.

Two Outback GutterVac pickup trucks with equipment trailers sit parked outside a commercial building, with leaves littering the ground around them.
Your outdoor service franchise can earn a steady stream of regular, repeat business from larger clients with strict maintenance schedules for their properties.

Corporate clients and apartment complexes

Apartment complex and office building owners have an ongoing, regular need for our services, with scheduled maintenance that might be biannual, quarterly or even monthly, depending on the service. The same goes for other large, property-owning entities like local governments. That means regular, predictable income for franchisees, especially with the variety of other services, like pressure washing, that we can offer.

“We want our brand to become known as the leading outdoor cleaning specialists,” says CEO Allan Young. “We leverage our expertise to form relationships with commercial property owners, who appreciate our commitment to excellent customer service and doing a peerless job under deadline. We are uniquely equipped to partner with property owners, management companies and large government and education contractors. They want to protect their investments; they want to keep the people that are living or working in their properties safe and healthy.”

Better still, our professionalism and level of training offer a competitive advantage over many independent providers. Our gutter cleaning franchise owners and their staffs take safety courses from OSHA- and ANSI-certified trainers, and all of them are insured. Many competitors are uninsured or underinsured, leaving their clients at risk of liability if something were to happen. Our focus on safety reduces the risk of injury for our franchisees and removes the worry of liability for your clients.

A technician hooks up safety equipment on another technician in front of a client’s home, with a ladder propped up against the garage in the background.
Our safety training helps keep you and your employees safe on the job and reduces the risk of liability for your clients.


Clean gutters can be a vital part of the upkeep of homes. Regular upkeep has a number of benefits, like preventing roof damage and pest infestations. Although it’s something homeowners have often neglected, they’ve begun to realize its importance, and Outback GutterVac is growing in the United States to help fill that market need with franchisees performing professional, efficient service.

Thanks to the training franchisees receive, they can also help alert homeowners to issues they may see while cleaning the gutters, such as signs of potential roof damage or pest infestations. That can make outdoor service franchise owners trusted, valuable partners to their homeowner clients, and encourages homeowners to come back to you for yearly or twice-yearly gutter cleaning and other outdoor maintenance needs, like pressure washing.

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