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How Outback GutterVac Maximizes Per-truck Revenues

Posted Aug 8th, 2016

Premier gutter cleaning franchise takes the guesswork out of growing a customer base and getting the most out of every day

The average American house has more than 200 feet of gutters installed. With more than 85 million homes in America, that’s more than 16 billion feet of gutters — neglected, dirty, dangerous-to-clean gutters.

Outback GutterVac provides our customers with the peace of mind of highly trained and insured contractors who know the ins and outs of cleaning, maintaining and repairing their gutters. After more than two decades of practice, we’ve perfected the process, which also means we’re able to maximize per-truck revenues and outperform other gutter cleaning franchise companies.

DSC_1375-2“When our technicians are in the field, they’re making money,” says Outback GutterVac Managing Director Scott O’Hara. “We’ve designed Outback GutterVac to maximize their time in the field, minimize downtime and to streamline the cleaning process, which means technicians can serve more homes every day, generating more revenue for the franchise owner.”

As Outback GutterVac continues its push to become the brand homeowners trust to take on America’s dirtiest gutters, our franchisees know they have the tools, the resources and the support they need to get the most out of their business.

Outback GutterVac technology and services drive profits

Before our processes revolutionized the industry, gutter cleaning franchise owners undertook the slow, laborious process of blowing out leaves or removing them by hand. Outback GutterVac’s ThunderVacTM Technology Process, full range of gutter services and unique technology help maximize per-truck revenues as our technicians clean gutters quickly and safely.

Our most recent FDD Item 19 disclosures confirm that our system works. In 2015, per-truck revenues averaged $575 per day. From a low of $303 per day to a staggering $892 per day, the training and tools empower our techs to provide innovative, vital services to homeowners and businesses at a high rate of performance and return. The results are clear.

“Before Outback GutterVac, gutters were only superficially cleaned,” says Gillian Harper, Chief Operating Officer with Outback GutterVac. “There really wasn’t a way to remove ‘gutter butter,’ that filmy residue that coats the bottom of the gutters, which also happens to serve as an ecosystem for all kinds of insects, rodents and pests. The advent of ThunderVac™ Technology Process was a game-changer; our clients can be 100% certain that when they hire us, their gutters will be absolutely clean.”

Manageable territories make a scalable gutter cleaning franchise

Outback GutterVac territories are easy to define and based on practicality and minimizing windshield time. Territories must comprise a minimum of 50,000 households and 5,000 businesses in one area, which allows the franchise owner to maximize both efficiency and profitability.

Though the Outback GutterVac system is a good option for the individual looking for a single-truck gutter cleaning franchise, the business is fully scalable, and the business model accommodates the addition of trucks and territories. In fact, savvy entrepreneurs seeking growth are just what Outback GutterVac is looking for.

“Ideally, we are looking for people who want to grow from one truck into owning multiple trucks and territories,” says Outback GutterVac CEO Allan Young. “We want passionate entrepreneurs with the desire to make a terrific life for themselves, to own and build a great business, and to help us grow our brand to the level it deserves.”

To help maximize customer service times and minimize downtime, Outback GutterVac focuses on five key areas of service: gutter vacuum-cleaning, catch-basin cleaning, minor gutter repair, installation of gutter protection systems and power washing. These five areas of service combine to form a comprehensive business that customers will come back to again and again for their gutter cleaning needs.

Safety, efficiency and value are our mission

We set ourselves apart from other home service franchise companies with our focus on safety, training and technology. Whether it’s the ThunderVacTM Technology Process or our OSHA-approved safety training and requirements, customers know they’re getting a great value. Each of our gutter cleaning specialists is equipped to clean gutters completely and promptly.

It’s all part of fulfilling our mission: to deliver peace of mind to our clients by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and exceptional people who provide dependable outdoor cleaning services and advice.

When they hire our technicians to clean the gutters on their homes, our customers know they’re getting reputable, highly trained professionals who have mastered the art of cleaning gutters.

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