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Outback GutterVac Franchise Training Sets the Bar for Safety and Success

Posted Oct 24th, 2016

From rigorous roof and ladder training program to business operations instruction, new franchisees learn all aspects of the business

Cleaning gutters can be a dirty chore, and for homeowners who are unskilled and untrained in roof and ladder safety, it can be a dangerous one. Outback GutterVac gutter cleaning franchises eliminate the danger and the grime, providing homeowners peace of mind that comes with a job well done and the assurance that it was done safely and efficiently.

Outback GutterVac is America’s premier gutter cleaning franchise, and franchise owners employ our proprietary ThunderVac Technology ProcessTM, which took Australia by storm and rapidly saturated the market down under. Now the company is poised for rapid expansion in the United States by offering franchisees an easily scalable business with multiple recurring revenue streams, rigorous service and safety training programs approved by OSHA, and the pride that comes with providing homeowners a vital link between protecting their investment and health.

Whether it’s safely cleaning the gutters of a house or managing the books using our proprietary Jackaroo CRM dashboard, every Outback GutterVac franchise owner knows the ins and outs of their business from day one, thanks to the remarkable training program we’ve developed to help ensure success.

Safety first: ladder and roof safety training sets the bar

There are more than 80 billion feet of gutters installed on homes and businesses across America — millions of miles of dirty, unkept gutters filled with debris and gunk. Yet for the most part, the gutter cleaning market is untapped, save for a few fly-by-night operators who lack safety training, licensing or insurance.

Each Outback GutterVac technician undergoes rigorous safety training programs for roof and ladder safety that we developed to meet all OSHA and ANSI standards. We’ve set the bar for ladder and roof safety, and homeowners appreciate the value that comes with knowing their gutters are being serviced safely and thoroughly.

Our ladder and roof training ensures technicians understand the dangers associated with operating on roofs and ladders and guarantees they appreciate the importance of safety equipment like harnesses and anchors. This training is instrumental in preventing the kinds of potentially deadly accidents that untrained, unsecured individuals might suffer if they took a tumble while cleaning their gutters.

Technology drives everything we do

While new to the United States, Outback GutterVac utilizes technology and processes that fostered a successful concept in Australia for nearly 20 years. As Outback GutterVac ramps up for rapid expansion in America, Australia’s long track record of success demonstrates that they have a proven business model to follow.

Using our proprietary ThunderVacTM Technology Process, technicians safely remove leaves, twigs and debris while also sucking away years’ worth of grimy gunk from the bottoms of gutters in a single, efficient step. Outback GutterVac also provides critical gutter maintenance to make sure gutters do their jobs year after year.

When it comes to managing the business, our proprietary Jackaroo portal puts all of the information exactly where you need it — at your fingertips on computers and mobile devices. You’re never more than an Internet connection away from the critical business information you need to ensure your success.

Learn more about bringing Outback GutterVac to your community

The value of low startup costs ranging from $93,900 to $120,750 are underscored by custom CRM systems and mobile apps, a business support center, and a state-of-the-art customer call center, which means we’re providing you with the tools and support you need to maximize your revenues and grow a successful, thriving business.

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