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Multiple revenue streams make Outback GutterVac an all-season business

Posted Mar 30th, 2017

With diverse service offerings and potential for consistent repeat business, our home services franchise has a lot to offer

While there’s growing opportunity in the gutter franchise industry, at Outback GutterVac, we know it’s important to have multiple revenue streams that help our franchisees build a robust, sustainable business. With us, franchisees get more than a gutter cleaning business; they’re really opening a home services franchise.

The lower legs and boots of a franchisee are visible on a rooftop as the franchisee vacuums leaves and other debris out of a client’s gutter.
With the broad array of services on offer, we’re not just a gutter cleaning business, we’re a home services franchise.

More ways to make money

Outback GutterVac has multiple revenue streams to make it easier for you to build income. With our diverse array of services, franchisees can be a one-stop shop for clients, whether they book one service at a time or book multiple services in one appointment.

By opening an Outback GutterVac home services franchise, franchisees can offer:

  • Gutter vacuum cleaning
  • Power washing (also known as pressure washing)
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Minor gutter repair
  • Installation and maintenance of gutter protection systems

Training for franchisees

Gutters perform an important role in the safety and upkeep of clients’ homes, and well-maintained gutters can prevent major problems like mold, pest infestations and damaged roofs. Our franchisees can do more than just clean the gutters; they can also perform repairs and install gutter protection systems that help protect clients’ homes.

In addition, our training helps franchisees alert homeowners to any issues they might see while performing services, so that clients aren’t blindsided by any unexpected or potentially dangerous problems.

“Our people are trained to become experts,” says Scott O’Hara, Outback GutterVac Managing Director. “We clean the downspouts and can alert our clients to roof damage. We are our clients’ eyes in the sky.”

A franchise employee stabilizes a ladder from the ground as another employee climbs it. An Outback GutterVac pickup truck is visible behind them.
The broad range of services franchisees offer can attract routine, repeat business from both homeowners and corporate clients.

Repeat business from satisfied clients

Another way franchisees can increase revenue potential is through repeat business. We recommend to clients that they have their gutters cleaned at least twice a year, but even after we’ve gotten their gutters fresh and sparkling, the trust our franchisees earn makes it more likely clients will choose them for services like pressure washing.

Many franchisees also develop ongoing relationships with apartment complexes and corporate clients, which helps provide more stable and recurring revenue as they perform regular maintenance and upkeep. With our growing brand recognition and quality, consistent service, we offer an attractive option for both corporate clients and regular homeowners.

Learn more about bringing Outback GutterVac to your community

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