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Outback GutterVac Franchise Cleans Far More than Gutters

Posted Aug 2nd, 2016

The premier gutter cleaning franchise is poised to become the leading outdoor cleaning specialist nationwide

OutbackGutterVac_Infographic_5Outback GutterVac, the premier gutter cleaning franchise, is leveraging its expertise and proven business model to also become the nation’s leading brand for outdoor cleaning services.

From power washing, catch basin cleaning, minor gutter repair and the installation of gutter protection systems, Outback GutterVac is a low-cost investment opportunity that offers multiple revenue streams to savvy entrepreneurs who have a passion for keeping home and property owners healthy in their environments.

“That’s one of the main benefits of franchising with us,” says Allan Young, CEO of Outback GutterVac. “We want our brand to become known as the leading outdoor cleaning specialists.

“We leverage our expertise to form relationships with commercial property owners who appreciate our commitment to excellent customer service and doing a peerless job under deadline. We are uniquely equipped to partner with property owners, management companies and large government and education contractors. They want to protect their investments, they want to keep the people who are living or working in their properties safe and healthy.”

Outback GutterVac is poised to capture a significant share of the outdoor cleaning services market

The gutter cleaning industry and outdoor cleaning services industry are awash in untrained and uninsured contractors who earn extra income by offering gutter cleaning and power washing services. Outback GutterVac is the only brand with the expertise, technology and proven business model to ensure that American gutters are properly cleaned.

“Outback GutterVac is the only gutter cleaning franchise that can offer the level of professionalism the American consumer expects,” says Scott O’Hara, Director of Outback GutterVac. “Our people are experts. We are our customers’ eyes in the sky. We provide before-and-after photos, not only to prove our work, but also to live up to our polite and professional appearance and demeanor, as well as our code of ethics.”

Outback GutterVac franchisees receive extensive ladder and roof safety training that meets OSHA and ANSI standards. This is a huge selling point. If a customer hires an underinsured contractor to clean their gutters, the customer may be liable if anything unfortunate happens on the property. We remove that liability from the home or property owner. Our training also includes an in-depth session on the use and maintenance of our proprietary ThunderVac™ Technology Process — our state-of-the-art vacuum that is the only tool proven to effectively clean a gutter. Training also extends to how to properly clean gutters and install our proprietary gutter guards.

Outback GutterVac has made significant investments in technology to make owning and operating an Outback GutterVac as simple as possible. The Outback GutterVac business support center in Atlanta schedules the appointments with customers, provides the quote and conducts the follow-up call to ensure that the job was completed to standards. Outback GutterVac franchisees are given checklists to ensure that jobs are done correctly, and they are given tools to track their trucks and equipment, collect their payments and provide before-and-after photos so their customers can see the job well done.

Outback GutterVac is revolutionizing the gutter cleaning franchise industry

While gutters may not be glamorous, neither is the state of a home or property with gutters that haven’t been regularly cleaned. Dirty gutters stuffed with rotting leaves and debris can lead to a homeowner being saddled with expensive and potentially life-threatening issues such as roof damage, structural damage, mold and pest infestations.

As more Americans become educated on the link between clean gutters and a healthy home environment, Outback GutterVac is poised to win a significant share of the growing market.

“We are working to revolutionize the American gutter cleaning industry,” says Gillian Harper, Chief Operating Officer with Outback GutterVac. “The American consumer expects to be served by professional technicians who are reliable and dependable, who show up on time and do what they say they are going to do. When combined with our expertise in gutter cleaning and our proven technology, it isn’t surprising that Outback GutterVac is being met with such high client satisfaction.”

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Outback GutterVac is poised to become the dominant national brand for gutter cleaning and is getting ready for rapid expansion across the United States.

“Our goal for 2016 is to ramp up to 30 to 50 territories,” Scott says. “We eventually intend to expand into 500 to 1,000 territories. Knowing the potential of the market here, as well as knowing the potential of our brand, we believe that these goals are entirely attainable.”

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